Update: Perchik is in love

June 1, 2023
Andy Collings

We are so absolutely over the moon to have received this update, and I love sharing it with you. The family that adopted Perchik and Golde have sent back word that their 4-year-old daughter is head over heels for Perchik, and the two have become entirely inseparable. Perchik and Golde have claimed her dollhouse, and set up shop in Barbie's old bedroom. This is about as happy of an outcome as you can hope for in this business, folks. Everybody won with this adoption.

I've chosen to blur the child's face out of respect for their autonomy, because I have no idea what they would want, and because I don't think a 4 year old can meaningfully consent to having their face and name and everything on someone else's goofy cat blog. But I didn't blur Perchik and Golde!

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