New Foster Alert!

February 4, 2024
Andy Collings

We’ve added two new foster kitties to our household, Sammie and Scottie! Their first few days here have been quite an adventure. We tried containing them in a playpen, but unfortunately Sammie quickly escaped. She's a clever girl, and slippery too! We couldn’t find her for a long time, but we left food and water out for her and hoped for the best. Eventually we found her hiding between some piles of boxes. When Andy tried to pick her up, she got very scared and sprinted away to a new hiding place. After visiting several times and putting out fresh food and water for her, we eventually were able to pick her up by wrapping her in a towel, and we successfully placed her in the playpen. She still seems scared of her new environment, but she is happy to be able to cuddle with her sister! We will keep visiting her and bringing her food and treats, and hopefully both kitties will feel more comfortable with us soon!

Update Feb 5: Sammie is on the loose again lol. She forced open the zipper of the playpen and squeezed out. She left dirty pawprints to mock us, we were unable to find her before the start of the workday. The hide-and-seek game begins again this evening

UPDATE Feb 5, 2024

Sammie has been "located", except that by that I mean she found a way to get in between the floors of our house and now she lives in a nether zone no human may enter. Good news is that she's started using her litter box and guzzling any food we leave out. Bad news is as stated above. More to come!

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