Meet the Bob's Burgers Gang

June 22, 2024
Andy Collings

Teddy, the orange tabby, is probably the protagonist of his litter. He's a talker, a friendly boy, and maximally adventurous. He loves sitting in laps and is always the first to approach whoever comes through the door.

Regular-Sized Rudy, grey with socks, is a shy little guy. He loves playing with his siblings, but maybe not humans just yet (give him time). He HATES being picked up, but paradoxically LOVES being petted from tip to toe. He will yell and squirm and claw until you start stroking him and then he just goes limp and purrs.

Gretchen, our tuxie, might deceive you with her adorable grompy face, but she's actually quite sweet. She's close with Teddy, and she's big into climbing.

Tammy, the splotchy grey one, is a bit more on the shy side of the spectrum. She and Jocelyn are for some reason absolutely enthralled by the changing of the litter. She also loves curling up for naps in her cat tree. And it IS hers, don't let any of the siblings tell you otherwise.

Jocelyn, solid grey kitty, is super cuddly and sweet. She's also a litter fiend alongside Tammy and loves boxes. She has let Shira hold her like a little pretty baby for so much longer than you would expect.

Built by Andrew Collings