Kitten pics

June 27, 2024
Andy Collings

We've got a bunch more pics of the continuing growth of our tiny babies here for you today. A quick rundown of our ongoing storylines:

  • Regular-sized Rudy is really coming out of his shell. When he first moved in he hissed and clawed if a human came near him. Now if you start to pet him he will relax immediately in your hands and purr like a lawnmower.
  • Gretchen has become the runt of the litter. She's not as pushy as the others, and so doesn't quite get enough to eat sometimes. When it seems like she's being boxed out, we sometimes have to put her back in the playpen for a bit with her own dedicated food bowl so nobody else takes it.
  • Teddy is still the biggest, the loudest, and the most easy-going. The exception is his meds - he HATES those and is very good at squiggling away.
  • On the way home from the vet after their checkup, somebody dropped a lot of hot and stinky diarrhea ALL OVER the carrier. This led to Teddy and Jocelyn getting their first bath, of which we have no photos because they hated it and destroyed Andy's arms and wrists trying to escape.
  • However, Jocelyn is also the most proactive in approaching humans now that she's all dry and clean. She will insert herself into your armpit, climb your leg (claws included), or magically appear on furniture at head-height for you, just to say hi. Very cute.
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