Getting Ready for Adoption!

June 15, 2023
Andy Collings

These little buggers are really all grown up! I mean, not all grown up, they still have plenty of kittening left in them, but they're just about ready to go out to their forever homes. We're so sad to say that they're leaving us so soon, but happy that they will soon be homed. We got their final check-up at Fishtown Animal Hospital, and they're medically cleared for action. So if you were looking to adopt a cat somewhere... NOW IS THE TIME! APPLY NOW!

Also it turns out that while we thought we had four girls, we actually have 3 boys and just one girly on our hands. Turns out it's terribly hard to sex a kitten that's half a week old, and that's the last time we thought to look lol. Oh well, new names coming soon.

Here's a few choice pictures of each of our very adoptable kittens and out one fantasmic momma cat. Get them while they're hot!



Christina (now Jackson)

Izzie (now George)

Lexie (now Alex)

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