First Update: Meredith and Alex

August 24, 2023
Andy Collings

Meredith and Alex are settling in to their new home, especially thanks to the attentive care from their new pet parents Emma and Anthony. They astounded us by buying THE EXACT SAME BROOM that we have to clean up their litter as a welcome-home gift! Anthony was watching the live kitten cam late at night and noticed that these two always liked picking fights with the broom we kept in their room, and so he went out and bought the exact same model for them to always have and always fight with. Emma, for her part, found the mechanical cheese-block toy that they love and made sure to have one waiting for them at their new home as well. The level of care and attention these two have put into caring for their new friends is simply amazing. Can't wait to see these two grow up in such a loving home

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